Simple Air Leak Check

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Air leaks can waste 20% - 30% of a compressor's output and contribute to a significant waste of energy. You can save your business thousands by undertaking a simple air leak test on a regular basis. 

We've created a video to show you just how easy this test is to undertake. This test is also ideal for factory managers to undertake to get an understanding on how much profit is being wasted. You can view this video here.

Check for air leaks in five simple steps:

1. Charge the system up until the compressor unloads and stops compressing air. This is typically at 7 to 8 bar gauge pressure. (Note: Your factory must not be in production.)

2. At the unload pressure, turn the compressor off and start a stopwatch. This will help you to record the time it takes for the system to reduce to a 3 bar gauge pressure.

3. Record the time it takes for the system pressure to reduce to 3 bar from the full pressure of 7 to 8 bar. 

4. This time will help you determine if there are air leaks present. The longer time it takes to unload to 3 bar gauge pressure means there is a minimal amount of compressed air being wasted. Note:A short time (of less than 10 minutes) means significant air leaks are present in the system. A longer time (above 10 minutes but less than 30 minutes) means leaks are present and improvements are possible to reduce air leaks. 

5. To gain an estimate on the wasted energy costs due to air leaks, input this data into Kaeser's Air Leak Calculator.  


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