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Select the Right Drain for your Application


Condensate is inevitable when it comes to compressed air and if it isn't removed, it can have harmful effects on your system - resulting in costly downtime and increased operating costs. Investing in drains that are right for your application demands and having them installed correctly will ensure your compressed air system will be free from the damaging effects of liquid, oil and carbon. At Compressed Air Controls, we stock the following types of drains:

Eco Drain Series


Kaeser's Eco Drain series is a high quality, reliable condensate drain that never loses compressed air. Eco Drains can be used throughout the entire system, are simple to integrate, suitable for any application and provide good energy savings all year round.



Float Drip Leg Drain


Used for reticulation, this type of drain is equipped with a large float and works perfectly to remove moisture from low points in a pipe system. This type of drain must be installed correctly, at the bottom of piping, to ensure an efficient and stable drain.



Automatic Drain Valve (ADV)


The ADV automatically removes water and oil without depending on the compressor cycle. It works well in low and high pressure applications and is typically used on storage receivers, after-coolers, dryers and filters. ADVs can be easily mounted anywhere a manual drain is located. alt



Manual Ball Valve Drain


A non-clogging ball valve that is designed for use in storage receivers. This type of drain is best suited for remote or portable applications, but can be considered more high maintenance than other drains as you manually have to drain the condensate. Typically available in 1/2" BSP but all sizes are available.



Take the guesswork out of selecting the right drain for your application and let us, the experts, help you. Contact us today on 0508 763 862 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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