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Klee Blowers

Klee blowers are quiet, reliable, well suited for applications with hot air and easy to install.The key characteristics of Klee Blowers are:

  • Quiet: Equipped with low noise, high-efficiency IP54 induction motor and specially designed mufflers all blower series feature quiet operation.
  • Type number:Types with outer bearing are known by the type number (KBxxx). Types with inner bearing are known by an ‘L” after the type number (KBxxxL), and are specially well suited for applications with hot air.
  • Mechanical Features: Three-dimensional blower impellers rotation enables the air between the blades to accelerate along the radius direction. The air is forced to return to the base of the impeller due to pressure difference, throwing it outward and forward through a spiral path. This action is repeated and causes the air gain pressure until it reaches the outlet port of the housing. The air is ejected from the impeller and from the blower through the outlet.
  • Longer operation life: The external bearing design allows the bearings to operate in low temperature which causes fast heat dissipation and uniform loading capacity. The lubrication oil is more durable causing longer maintenance intervals.
  • Easy Installation: The base of all blower models is made with flexible steel plates featuring shock absorption. The base is fastened with screws. The base can also be fixed using the screw holes on the front cover, enabling either vertical or horizontal installation as required.
  • Long Time Operation: Made of aluminium alloy, all KLEEblowers are lightweight and excellent in heat dissipation, thus allowing long time operation even under ambient temperatures reaching 40C, insulation class F and H ensures better reliability.
  • Fully closed Unit: Multi-layer shaft seals are used to thoroughly separate motor coil from blower body, which ensures excellent performance and prevents motor damage.

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KAESER Rotary Blowers

KAESER blowers are highly versitile. They have a wide range of rotary blowers for stationary and mobile applications.

KAESER's single block blowers:

Kaeser's single-block blowers provide maximum flexibility. The OMEGA series blowers with their three-lobe rotors minimise pulsation and include a wide range of rotary blowers for stationary and mobile applications. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled CNC production facilities and are rigorously tested at full load.

  • Highly versatile rotary blowers – in stationary and mobile versions, suitable for both vacuum and pressure operation – for air and nitrogen conveying applications (OMEGA P and PN)
  • Blower with primary components made from chromium-nickel alloy forvacuum distillation / process water recycling (OMEGA B)
  • Vacuum blowers with pre-inlet cooling – suitable for alternating vacuum and pressure operation in tanker trucks and suction vehicles (OMEGA PV)
  • Rotary vacuum pumps for fine vacuum applications (OMEGA WVC) in combination with a booster pump


KAESER's large rotary blowers:

With their uniform design concept, our large blower units can be individually configured and expanded to meet your needs. They are easy to maintain and operate, and are also available upon request for outdoor installation.

  • High-performance, energy-saving and low-maintenance blower packages with three-lobe blower blocks (models HB 1300 PI and 1600 PI)
  • Also available for nitrogen conveying applications (N versions).
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